2000 - 2017  Przemyslaw Kepa


   My adventure with music began with playing the cymbals in primary school. Then I was learning
to play the keyboard/synthesizer in a local club. I have discovered my passion for music thanks
to the Amiga computers, which i used to create my first compositions. Through the MIDI device,
I have connected the computer with a synthesizer - that is how I composed and developed my skills.
The gained experience came in useful when I bought a professional workstation synthesizer:
its capabilities in creating sounds and music allowed to achieve new horizons.
Besides the computer it’s a basic tool in my small, home, musical studio.

  As long as I can recall, the universe was what always interested me much - it’s immensinity,
magnificient views of planets, nebulae, galaxies. It also became an inspiration for my musical
creativity. This caused my fondness to astronomy to appear. Computers and the Internet allow
to expand my knowledge in this field and give the ability to realize my imaginations.


City:                               Szczecin, Poland

Hobby:                           music, computers, graphics, astronomy,
                                      nature, instruments building

Favourite music:            electronic, film music, classic